How I got here

I have garnered 7 years of work experience as a user researcher and user experience strategy consultant in design consulting firms, and have worked in USA, Singapore, Japan, China, and Taiwan.  I gained a profound understanding of User Centered Design not only from work but also from my academic background in Library and Information Science (BA) and Human Computer Interaction Design (MA at University of Washington).

When working as a consultant, I helped clients understand their customers and provide win/win strategies accordingly. I have been primarily responsible for managing full design consulting projects from start to finish: identifying business issues, making hypotheses, conducting user research, developing solutions and turning them into prototypes. So far I have led more than 30 projects and delivered results that meet clients’ KPIs.

In the past few years I have successfully conducted qualitative user research with over 400 users, consisting primarily of in-depth interviews, as well as usability tests, field research, and diary studies, in more than twenty countries. I have also used quantitative research methods including AB testing, surveys and eye-tracking, to build initial hypotheses and measure the impact of the resulting strategies. 

I have also provided training workshops to client and mentored junior UX designers and researchers.

Please take a look at my working process:


What I am looking for at work

I am looking for a customer-obsessed and fast-moving team with products that solve issues people face day-to-day. I am passionate to help those meaningful products and projects by contributing my expertise in UX research, strategy, consulting, my insights into critical Asian economies, as well as my experience of different cultures after living/traveling in 30+ countries.

Outside of work

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring different possibilities in life, being inspired and sharing my experience to others. A sample of the things I do:

1. Pro bono consulting service to early stage startups

I help startups in Singapore and Taipei optimize the product/service experience by reviewing the interface, flow, etc. as well as making user test plans. I enjoy working with young entrepreneurs to construct and pivot products until they are ready for the the market.

2. Writing and mentoring

My blog, Conversion Lab, aims to provide growth-hacking knowledge to Chinese-speaking designers and business owners. It is now the go-to place for people who want to learn more about UX in Taiwan. I am also share my global working experience on Medium. Read my articles on Medium.

Meanwhile, I work as a mentor in several programs including XX+UX and Springboard.

3. Always learning

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” I take courses in programming, business management, leadership, art, logic, etc. These courses give me comprehensive knowledge about things outside of my  professional area and enrich my life.

What I am looking for in life

Continue to inspire others and being inspired. Greater challenges and chances to give back to the society.

Researching with front desk agents at a hotel