I am also experienced in wireframing and UI design. Below are some design projects that I worked on:

UI design
Slides and reports
Design challenges and solutions with prototypes
Other design
Process book

UI design

Designed Miawai, a relationship counselling app for a San Francisco-based startup


Redesigned Canvas, a learning management system


Putting Canvas onto Apple Watch


Design a coffee finding app for a Seattle-based startup

Coffee app-Home and logo   Coffee app-store info   Coffee app-filter

Designed an insurance app for a leading insurance company in Taiwan

Insurance mobile site Insurance mobile site Insurance mobile site


Wireframe for an internal book-finding app for a Japanese design consulting.

Book finding app Book finding app - pages


Wireframe for Miawai, a relationship counselling app


Wireframe for HotdotTV, a Seattle-based start up

Choose categories

Wireframe for a real estate company’s home page




Slides and reports







Hospital Service Journey Map


Hospital Service Journey Map

Next step chart

Impact chart

Design approach


Service ecosystem for a health product


Market Strategy


User segmentation

Design challenges and solutions with prototypes

Below is the collection of several small design challenges I have done. With limited information and time constraints (1-2 days), I pondered the question, defined issues, conducted simple research, formed assumptions, came up with ideas and presented the concept with hi-fi prototypes.

Design a new service for a newspaper company to engage a younger audience


A large newspaper company in Hong Kong.

Design Challenge

The average age of client’s reader is 38-44 years old, and it is struggling to gain any traction with a younger audience. Design a new service to engage a younger audience.

My Assumptions

  1. A common image of young audience is that they have no loyalty to particular news media, they access news from social media, they are inpatient, not interested in long and serious news. However, what most people didn’t realize is, a significant group of the young audience are able to process the information more critically. They search for information activity instead of receiving passively. They care about their country and the world, looking for neutral and valuable content. This is the high quality audience to target at.
  2. “How to engage young audience” might not be the best question to ask, as despite generation, newspapers are finding it more difficult to attract young reader. Most of the media changed their content to cater the public taste, providing “infotainment” instead of information. In return, the brand image and quality dropped.
  3. One reason the high quality young audience is not engaging, is that they don’t trust news anymore. We can gain the trust by removing the major pain point they are facing today, which is the filter bubble. A filter bubble is a subconscious unbalanced information consumption. Audience get trapped in a bubble and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview. Especially in the digital world, due to the personalized search and information on social media. This is what the target audience want to avoid.

Concept Prototype

Introducing infoBalance, a service that (1) analyzes what you read, (2) reminds when you are overdosing on single-sided information that leads to a biased mind, and (3) provides recommended articles.


ib3 ib2ib4 ib5

Design a suitable services for a bank’s emerging wealthy customers


A large Australian financial services organisation.

Design Challenge

  1. Identify what kinds of services might be suitable for their emerging wealthy customers.
  2. Figure out a way to to encourage and facilitate wealthy customers to aggregate their assets and accounts into a single view at one bank, rather than having several accounts with different banks/institutions so they can see and manage their assets, investments and accounts in one place.

My Assumptions

  1. Having several accounts with different banks is inconvenient but they believe it is a better way to lower the risk. The big 4 banks are usually the place they choose to store other parts of their assets. Therefore, the target users need a way to understand the value of aggregating their assets and accounts, and having higher engagement with one single bank.
  2. Emerging wealthy customers tend to be less experienced in managing their wealth effectively and efficiently. They are not confident about their investment decision. Especially they tend to overlook the importance of tax planning. They need a way to help them make better decision on investment and asset allocation, and visualize the ROI.

The persona based on the assumptions.


Concept Prototype

Based on the assumption and limited primary research, introduce, a tool that helps customers optimize all their financial decisions.

financialservice02 financialservice03 financialservice-04financialservice05





Ideation for possible solutions during a pandemic outbreak


Ideation for garbology related solutions



Other design

Interior design planning for a consulting firm

May – July 2012 


The company I worked with was going to set up their first branch oversea. They needed an office that function well, share similar atmosphere with head quarter and at the same time have its own characteristic.


  • Analyzed previous and current head quarter office design, benchmarked other companies to get inspiration.

  • After evaluated the future role and position of Taipei branch, I defined the interior design principle to be “while inheriting core design elements from head quarter, also present entrepreneurship, vigor and young”.


  • Planned the layout of Taipei office, include 2 labs for user research purpose, lobby, meeting rooms, working area, discussion area, bar area, balconies and server room. Made a highly functional office in limited space.

  • Made decision on interior design choices from overall style to color, material, and texture of wallpaper and carpet, as well as furniture.

3D-3   3D-1





Indie band’s CD package and promotion materials design

March – July 2011

Pastel colors and animal illustrations were chosen to represent the sweet atmosphere in their songs. Pictures in nature scenes were used to show the freshness the band wanted to bring. Other materials were made in consistent concept, formed a foundation to the band’s image.

CD Booksleeve_Blank
First version of design, illustration style. Too “sweet” for the band.


Final version of design.







Process book


Re-imagining Canvas Process BookCheck the full process book (PDF)


Rural pandemic ideation process book

Pandemic Ideation Process BookCheck the full process book (PDF)