Design, User Experience

Line of sight camera interaction design

Mia (Mood-Intelligent Assistant) is a wearable point-of-view camera concept that uses mood sensors to capture memories and automatically create immersive experiences based on emotion. A gestural interface allows the wearer to navigate memories and tune the experience to his mood. The concept was designed for a final project in an interaction design course, by a team of 5 MHCI+D graduate students. We produced a video prototype to present the concept to the class. In this project, my major contribution was  ideation, interaction design, and flow design of the camera. Research Our team started out by conducting market research on current point-of-view cameras and identifying common issues in their designs. We examined a number of existing products (e.g. GoPro, Google Glass) and framed our research questions in terms of future outlook and effect on society. We also discussed the kind of relationships we have with technology, using our own experiences as well as specific examples from cinema. Finally, we looked at […]