Invent and design book-finding app to increase office efficiency

Client: beBit Tokyo 
Time: July – August 2014   


  • The company I worked with in Tokyo used a rather traditional way to manage company library – people took the book from the shelf and wrote their names down on a notebook when they wanted to borrow.
  • As the office member and book archives increased, I thought that we needed a more efficient book borrowing system.


  • Interviewed office members to find out issues they want to solve when finding and borrowing books.
  • Prioritized the ideas, realized them into prototype and tested with members.


  • Designed a simple function app that allows people to easily browse the book archive, and check the status of books, to know whether they are on the shelf or being borrowed by someone, so that office members can decrease their time searching in the bookshelf. Also it provides book borrowing function.
  • Instead of using the black and white corporate color directly, I picked up a warmer color (orange) from the informal logo, in order to form a cheerful and relax atmosphere. The design also aimed to associate book-borrowing with happiness and thus encourage the usage.

Book APP 1

An excerpt of app interface design, made with Illustrator and Photoshop.

Book APP 2

Image of the app.


Book APP3 Book APP 4

Designed the wireframe and interaction with rapid prototyping tool inVision and Axure.