Interior design planning for a consulting firm coming from Japan to Taiwan

beBit Taipei                                                                
May – July 2012   


The company I worked with was going to set up their first branch oversea. They needed an office that function well, share similar atmosphere with head quarter and at the same time have its own characteristic.


  • Analyzed previous and current head quarter office design, benchmarked other companies to get inspiration.

  • After evaluated the future role and position of Taipei branch, I defined the interior design principle to be “while inheriting core design elements from head quarter, also present entrepreneurship, vigor and young”.


  • Planned the layout of Taipei office, include 2 labs for user research purpose, lobby, meeting rooms, working area, discussion area, bar area, balconies and server room. Made a highly functional office in limited space.

  • Made decision on interior design choices from overall style to color, material, and texture of wallpaper and carpet, as well as furniture.

3D-3   3D-1



3D snap shots and blueprint of the office interior.
* Images produced by the construction company