Raise the end-user satisfaction rate from 76% to 90% by conducting usability tests and providing recommendations

Client: China Trust Bank                                           
Time: July 2012  

* The project is subject to a NDA. Only limited information is presented here.


  • China Trust Bank (CTBC), the largest commercial bank in Taiwan, planned to launch a new site. The customer satisfaction rate for the last iteration of their site was less than ideal, and they couldn’t afford another failure.

  • The customer satisfaction rate was 76%, they were aiming to reach 85%.


I conducted in-depth usability tests with 18 customers, covering savings accounts, investment products, and credit cards. My aim was to identify issues with online transaction flow, user experience, user interface, and make significant improvements in each of these areas.

The project lasted for two and a half weeks. Below is the breakdown of the schedule.





I led and executed the project as the main user researcher and UX consultant, alongside a senior researcher. I was in charge of planning and conducting the usability tests with 18 users, redesigning the interface, and presenting the output to clients.

Test room set up:



  • We revised the user interface, information architecture and transaction flow of the new website.

  • We raised the customer satisfaction rate from 76% to over 90%.

  • CTCB’s website was ranked No.1 among banks at the Digital Service Awards in both 2013 and 2014 by Business Next, a B2B magazine covering the online space.

  • CTCB requested four repeat projects after this success, and have since become a retainer client. As a result of the project’s success, a number of other major banks in the region engaged us for our services.

An excerpt of the final report

CTBC4This is an example of an improvement to the website. This is the page shown after a transaction, which was improved by making the success message more obvious, summarizing key details of the transaction, and de-emphasizing any links that misled users into thinking there were further steps to take.

CTBCThe left-hand image shows how I optimized the navigation bar to shorten the cognitive load. The image on the right is how I illustrated the changes to clients.



Before (left) and after (right) images of the site’s school tuition invoicing system. Redesigned to resolve the usability issues of a previously convoluted process.

An excerpt of client feedback

“How did you manage to understand the complexity of our B2B financial services in such a short period of time, and to a level where you were able to thoroughly and clearly evaluate usability of our online tools?” — Ann, associate manager and project owner.

“You guys are the best consultants I have ever worked with!” — Laura, project coordinator.

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