Unify and restructure financial holding group websites to improve cross-selling and meet new brand image

Cathay Financial Holding Co. (Taiwanese Financial Holding Group) 
June – August 2014

* The project is under NDA, Only limited information is shown here.


  • The websites of Cathay Financial Holding’s seven companies (holding, bank, life insurance, century insurance, securities, investment trust, and investment consulting) were made separately without any mutual consistency.

  • As Cathay renewed their corporate identity (CI), they needed to synthesize the seven sites for stronger brand image.

  • The seven sites had to have similar appearance, at the same time the layout and content should be optimized for each company’s customers.


  • Interviewed seven companies’ department managers to understand business needs and goals.

  • Utilized heuristic review method to create wireframes for websites and mobile sites; used card sorting to restructure the global navigation.

  • Conducted 21 usability tests with target users to verify the effect and identify usability issues of new structure and layout


I took full responsibility of the project and executed alone, worked on every detail from user researching to website guideline defining. I also managed design and HTML companies, communicated our thoughts on user experience, and ensured design quality.


  • Aligned the sites with consistent header and footer, and similar homepage layout, at the same time satisfied different target users’ needs.

  • Improved information architecture and navigators to make important contents easier to access, which led to the growth of visitors who reached 2nd layer’s web pages.

  • Delivered PSD files of websites and mobile sites, with new design that fits the group’s new CI.

  • Build a 180-page web guideline that defines roles for mobile and computer sites in the entire holding group.


Before vs. After – Before the project, each website was designed in different ways, with no consistency and low usability. After the project, websites share consistent appearance and better visual design. The connection between sites increased, which strengthened brand image and increased cross-selling opportunity.



Zooming in – Left: I wireframed the home page of the insurance business unit with PowerPoint based on user research findings and website log data.  Right: Worked with a visual design company to turn concepts into pixels.  Communicated the grounds of wireframes to designers, and monitored the process to ensure design quality.

proto2    國泰人壽

The responsive design on mobile:

01-iPhone-5-Flat-Mockup  01-iPhone-5-Flat-Mockup_2  01-iPhone-5-Flat-Mockup_3


The guideline

I wrote a  180-page web guideline from scratch that defined roles for mobile and computer sites in the entire holding group. In the guideline there are contents explaining users’ needs and behaviors in each page, the role and function of each area, as well as detail guidance such as how the padding and margin should be. 

The guideline also defined interaction flows like how to guide users back to mobile site if they flowed into computer website during the browsing process.


I built great relationship and trust with the Cathay financial holding groups through this project. With the success of the project, we got project inquiries from multiple business unities under the group. I was honored to help them overhaul digital strategy and build competitiveness in digital services, as well as evangelize user-centered design.



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