Design toolkit and logical thinking method cards for internal training purpose

Client: beBit
Time: October 2014   


In the company I worked, I found that most of the knowledge is implicit and mainly exists in the feedback and discussion between senior and junior consultants, making it hard to accumulate and spread.


  • After observing how my colleges work for a while, I came up with the idea of making a set of method cards that contains concepts, frameworks, methodologies and diagrams that are frequently used by seniors. It was under the hypothesis that people can use the cards to self-remind, review and be inspired.

  • Interviewed managers to know the methods / frameworks they usually use, then visualized the cards with those inputs into low-fi prototype made by post-it.

  • I then tested and verified the prototype by having some colleges use it at work, let them record how they use and provide feedback.

  • Soon after collecting feedback, I revised and made high-fi prototype and beta version, and tested again until finalized.


Developed a set of method cards contain user-centered design approaches and critical consulting/design thinking methodologies. It is now used by every consultants in the company and received many positive feedback.

Toolkit1First version – draft on post-it

Toolkit2  Second version – High-fi prototype

Toolkit3Final version – complete tool kit