Founded a blog aims to provide better UX knowledge for Chinese readers.

Why a blog

I am a heavy reader of user experience (UX) related articles in English. Unfortunately the more I read, the more I feel we lack of the articles with similar quality in Chinese. It is a pity for people who works in this industry but don’t read in English.

As a result, I decided to run a Chinese blog on my own, sharing useful tips, thoughts and knowledge about UX that I gained from my experience. Luckily, I soon had four other professionals join me to run the blog and produce articles together. They are visual designer, e-commerce manager, experience architect and programmer from different places in the world.

The goal

With this diverse team, our goal is to help junior people in UX related realms to gain ability to optimize the experience of their products, services or websites. Meanwhile, we hope to let management level people understand the importance of UX. To better promote the concept of “optimizing user experience”, we use “conversion” to market the blog, as conversion rate is usually the thing that people care about the most.

The outcome

So far, I had written more than 16 articles on the blog with various topics, including AB testing, data driven UX, landing page optimization, qualitative research as well as my observation about UX industry in Asia. The articles were shared by many people on Facebook, also re-posted by famous local online media.

We also cooperate with well known UX consulting firms from China and Japan share their insights on Conversion Lab. It would be one step further for us to become the platform that provides original and high quality UX content in Chinese-speaking countries.

Conversion Lab

Conversion Lab

Conversion Lab FB

Conversion Lab LOGO
Logo of Conversion Lab. The concept comes from the ice burg picture that is frequently used to represent the “hidden needs of users”. We believe conversion comes from good user experience, therefore the logo’s reflection forms the term “UX”.