Helping a startup design its MVP, define functionalities and improve user experience.

Time: October – December 2015


The startup team hired an IT to carry out the basic idea of the app. However, the usage flow was not clear and the user experience was bad according to the users in the tests. They needed someone who has sufficient UX knowledge to improve the app and bring it to the next stage.


I worked closely to the owner, figured out his intention during the conversation and provided suggestions that meets his needs and are good for the users.

I also redesigned the whole app – from the flow to the icon to the interface.



The initial logo and UI design by the IT guy. The information structure was not clear.

logo    specials    map screen


I chose brown as the base color to form a warm and cozy look and feel. I then redesigned the flow and function, also took the photo and redesigned the logo.

ps. I am not a visual designer.

HP_1109-01    Coffee_all-03   Coffee_all-04


Client feedback:

“I can not thank you enough. Your work has really taken this project to the next level.” — James Stayton, Founder